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A Husband & Wife Team

You can find Russ Vanden Berg working at the family greenhouse full-time and his wife, Becky, pitches in on evenings and weekends. Their daughters, Chelsey and Mikayla, continue to help out all while raising young families. Becky's mom, Wandah, has always had a love for gardening and flowers, and has been a tremendous help over the years. 


Russ had a dream of operating a greenhouse when he retired, so we started selling to our friends and family in 2012. The following year, the area where we once stored hay for our sheep was hit by a tornado. Russ thought it was a great time to convert it into a greenhouse, so we put a greenhouse roof on it and started selling out of there. But we quickly outgrew that area! Since then we have converted our main lambing area into a greenhouse and added decks. 


Starting out, we had no idea we would evolve to what we are today. We're extremely grateful for every one of our customers, and look forward to seeing you at Vanden Berg Greenhouse

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